Why do you need VAT consultancy services in UAE

VAT is an indirect tax enforced in the UAE on the consumption of goods and services. Organizations in the UAE need to register themselves under the VAT law as per the rules of the country. It is necessary to get your business approved by the government of UAE for VAT application. An incorrectly done VAT registration or incorrectly filed VAT returns can cause you fines and too much hassle to sort it out. It is also a time consuming task. Therefore it is important to have correct guidance on VAT related matters. 

If you are searching for VAT consultancy services in UAE then Accountant’s Box can help you with all your VAT related needs. It consists of VAT registration, VAT deregistration, VAT Consultation, VAT return filing and much more. Accounting firms in Dubai at present need to observe and follow the VAT rules and guidelines also examining and auditing the books and records for the customer account.

VAT consultants in Dubai help you with: 

  • Help you overcome all the hurdles including unfamiliarity with VAT laws and regulations
  • Assist with various tax disciplines
  • Also helps to integrate these disciplines as a strategy into your business
  • Helps to solve VAT issues and provide VAT advisory services
  • Guidance on how to comply or agree with the VAT law in UAE.
  • Examination and analysis of VAT impacts on your business
  • Help you to understand your VAT compliance

How VAT Works?

Value Added Tax (VAT) is enforced at each stage of sale till it is being sold to end clients. The VAT in UAE is a 5% rate basically for most of the goods and services.There are 2 parts of VAT calculations. Input VAT and Output VAT. Input VAT is the tax paid with purchase,the amount of tax paid on purchase invoice is called input tax. The output VAT is being collected from the customer by the business on behalf of the government and must be regularly paid over to them. It is important that both output and input tax is calculated correctly in each quarter and VAT returns filed accordingly.

Who all need to Register for VAT

Any business owner or licensed freelancer who is conducting a business or whose yearly pay exceeds 375,000 needs to mandatorily register with FTA for TRN (TAX Registration Number). And if your taxable turnover is less than AED 375,000 and more than AED 187,500 then you can apply for TRN voluntarily. Nonetheless, there are some supplies, for example, medical care and educational administrations, financial service providers, insurance firms and those who are in sale of residential property and domestic public transportation is either zero-appraised or exempted for VAT in UAE.

Various VAT services provided by Accountant’s Box

  1. VAT Returns Filing Package:

Using a professional can help you to file your taxes correctly, securely, Professionally and prevents you from making any costly mistakes.

  • Accountants can also assist you if you need to amend any previous returns/if You failed to file necessary vat returns in the past.
  • They are qualified to handle any unusual or complex tax situations that you Might face.
  • They keep you updated on all the amendments and modifications in the vat Law related to your company’s business.- prepare vat returns filing Calculation
  • We at Accountant’s Box have curated a special ‘VAT Returns Filing Package’ wherein we provide the following services:
    • Receive and review data for tax
    • Prepare vat returns calculation
    • Prepare financial reports
    • Keep you updated on vat law
    • Answer any relevant tax query


  1. VAT Helpdesk:

Do you want to understand about a specific part of UAE vat law which applies to your business? Do you have questions on vat obligations specific to your line of business? We have a special Vat Helpdesk wherein we answer all your vat related queries. No annual or any type of commitment required. Just let us know your question and we answer your query. Charges based on per question basis.

  1. VAT Compliance:
  • VAT Health Check: VAT health check is a comprehensive review of the organization’s overall VAT readiness. It will help you in identifying the areas which require rectification by analysing the previously filed VAT returns. Your business will avoid all kinds of VAT fines from FTA after conducting a complete VAT health check process.
  • VAT Registration: If you are a business owner or planning to establish a business in the UAE, you need to register under UAE VAT Law. Our team of expert VAT consultants at Accountants Box can assist you with the VAT registration.
  • VAT Deregistration: VAT De-registration means de-activation of the VAT number of the taxable person. De-registration can be applied for by the registered person himself or by the FTA on finding that a person meets the conditions for de-registration. Our team can provide all required guidance on VAT de-registration and take care of the whole deregistration process.
  • VAT Audit Support: The purpose of FTA Audit is to assess whether the company is following the UAE tax laws and to ensure that all tax dues are collected and given to the government within the timeframe given. Our tax experts can support and assist companies during their VAT audits by the FTA.

Conclusion :

VAT has become a very crucial part of business and has been implemented recently in the region. It thus requires a bunch of advice from skilled Tax professionals or experts to support the organizations in complying with the laws in its starting phases of this advancement.

Many organizations don’t know about the requirement for VAT registration, and the rules and guidelines which should be followed for VAT and for its process for making payments. In case you are searching for VAT Consultancy Services in UAE that help you in VAT consistency? Accountant’s box gives the VAT Consultation in Dubai and also understands the customer’s necessities and needs. We are offering VAT Consultancy Services in the UAE for all SME businesses. Our VAT Consultancy Services includes VAT Registration, VAT advisory & compliance support, VAT return filing, VAT health check.

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