Our Approach:

As an experienced accounting firm in UAE, we spend time in understanding client’s needs, priorities and requirements. As a result, we are able to help them pick the correct package which suits their needs.

Once a client is on board, we designate a dedicated accountant to the client. He/she will understand the client’s business needs, do the accounting system configuration, train their team on basic functionality and start the work.

Our offering is cloud based and we work with well-known accounting software platforms like Xero, Zoho Books, Quickbooks, Wave, etc.

We will review with you the financial performance of your business periodically depending on the package you have picked.


Our pricing varies depending upon your specific needs. Our typical benchmark for pricing is frequency of service required, volume of work and the complexity involved.

The duration of service depends on the plan selected by the client. The scope and duration could be amended with a mutual agreement. As a professional accounting firm in UAE, we ensure that clients receive the highest standard of service from us. We ensure that they receive maximum benefit from the commitments they make with our company.

Cloud based accounting is an efficient way of doing work without physical visits to the client’s premises. Our clients typically share data with us via various mediums like Google Drive, Drop Box, etc.

Outsourcing allows a flexible way of managing a tedious task like accounting. It is easier to upgrade / downgrade service which is generally difficult with in-house accounting staff.  Over and above, the accounting firm also takes care of hiring, training, handling visa and other labor related administrative tasks.

Protecting client information is our priority. We understand sensitivity of financial data and take extra measures to ensure privacy and security of client data. Our security measure ensures access control, safe keep of data storage and adequacy of backups. We use the best industry products and technologies to ensure complete data safety.

Clients we have worked with :