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Is ‘VAT Returns Filling Package’ suitable for you?

This Month Focus Service: VAT Returns Filling Package

Are you often left perplexed by all the paperwork And calculations required to file the UAE vat returns every month/quarter?

If yes, you should use the services of a professional Accountant rather than trying to handle tax returns On your own.

There are many advantages of using a professional Accountant for VAT returns filling package:

  • Using a professional can help you to file your taxes correctly, securely, Professionally and prevents you from making any costly mistakes.
  • Accountants can also assist you if you need to amend any previous returns/if You failed to file necessary vat returns in the past.
  • They are qualified to handle any unusual or complex tax situations that you Might face.
  • They keep you updated on all the amendments and modifications in the vat Law related to your company’s business.- prepare vat returns filing Calculation

We at Accountant’s Box have curated a special ‘VAT Returns Filling Package’ wherein we provide the following services:

  • Receive and review data for tax
  • Prepare vat returns calculation
  • Keep you updated on vat law
  • Answer any relevant tax query

This Month Focus Blog: Simple Tips For Cash Management

In the world, many techniques are practiced by businesses to limit the Working money balance necessity. Hereunder, we share some Proven money-saving tips which will largely help you:

  1. Keep necessary cash for 6 months when you are building up your savings, you Should always maintain approximate cash worth six months which can be easily accessed in any difficult situation if needed.
  2. Mange your risk you should always be prepared for any unforeseen event. Insuring your health and other valuable assets keeps you cash healthy and Provides you financial cover for difficult times.
  3. Keep home and business cash separate if you run a business, it is advisable to Maintain separate accounts for home and business. This way, you will have a clear Idea about how much cash is spent on both fronts
  4. Avoid instinctive buying experts advise you that you should prevent yourself from Falling prey to buying temptation and instead, linger on your purchase for a later Period and buy sensibly.
  5. Cash on your assets you should review your business and personal assets from Time to time and sell out any redundant assets to make some cash out of it
  6. Lease things instead of buying as a last tip, we suggest that you must try to Lease out things that you can to avoid blocking too much cash in these assets.

For more detailed information on the topic, visit our article – Click Here

This Month We Are Promoting: Veena Siddharth Design Studio

Veena Siddharth Design Studio is a boutique architecture and interior design firm. They believe in creating spaces that foster human connections. They specialize in providing bespoke and comprehensive architecture and interior design solutions for buildings and interior spaces starting from project inception to completion. Their approach is to integrate Architecture, Interior design and Landscape design such that all elements Are in complete harmony.

Their Service Offering :

  • Architectural & Interior design consultancy/ Design & built services
  • Residential
  • F&B
  • Commercial
  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Hospitality