Accountant’s Box Newsletter: Is ‘VAT Compliance Package’ suitable for you?

This Month Focus Service: VAT Compliance Package

VAT compliance is a complex topic and one where errors can be both frequent and costly. 

Our professional VAT experts can assist you in the following ways to ensure complete VAT compliance of your company with FTA rules:

  • VAT Health Check: VAT health check is a comprehensive review of the organization’s overall VAT readiness. It will help you in identifying the areas which require rectification by analysing the previously filed VAT returns. Your business will avoid all kinds of VAT fines from FTA after conducting a complete VAT health check process.
  • VAT Registration: If you are a business owner or planning to establish a business in UAE, you need to register under UAE VAT Law. Our team of expert VAT consultants at Accountants Box can assist you with the VAT registration
  • VAT Deregistration: VAT De-registration means de-activation of the VAT number of the taxable person. De-registration can be applied for by the registered person himself or by the FTA on finding that a person meets the conditions for de-registration. Our team can provide all required guidance on VAT de-registration and take care of the whole de-registration process.
  • VAT Audit Support: The purpose of FTA Audit is to assess whether the company is following the UAE tax laws and to ensure that all tax dues are collected and given to the government within the timeframe given. Our tax experts can support and assist companies during their VAT audits by the FTA.

This Month Focus Blog: Benefits of Correctly Done Accounting 

Accounts are the backbone of any business. Following are the few important benefits of correctly done accounting:

  • Helps raise money for business: Submission of company accounts is one of the pre-requisites to take loan from a bank or an investor
  • Helps understand business performance: The basic tool to know how your business is performing is by keeping a well-managed books of accounts.
  • Helps manage working capital: You can assess your working capital situation with the help of accounting reports like Receivable Report, Payable Report and Inventory Management.
  • Helps track partner’s account: In partnership business, books of accounts help to keep a proper track the money given and money withdrawn by each partner
  • Allows to pay taxes correctly and avoid fines: A tax consultant can prepare a correct tax report for a company with the aid of proper accounting reports.

For more detailed information on the topic, visit our article – Click Here

This Month We Are Promoting: Vantage Point Consultancy

Vantage Point is a cost saving consultancy using green tech solutions to help commercial and residential ENTIRE buildings owners, hotel operators and medical building establishments save money on their yearly operating expenses.

Here are a few operating budgets Vantage Point can assist with:

  • Internal Landscaping:
    Premier properties spend anything from AED1000-AED5000 a month on flowers and plants.
    VP provides natural preserved plants which last 3-5 years, hence removing the overhead up to 75% on fresh plants ever week.
  • Active Air Sterilization:
    Safely and actively sterilize the air and surface up to 90% efficacy from harmful microbes present in the environment, reducing the dependency of manpower and chemicals.

Our Key Features:

  • Help save upto 75% on yearly budgeted operating expenses
  • Show that your brand cares for both your internal and external customers
  • Assisting the brand be prepared for our new future ahead.