Accountant’s Box Newsletter:

Is ‘Monthly Accounting Package’ suitable for you?

This Month Focus Service: Monthly Accounting Package

  • Want a smoother accounting? Get it right each month! Monthly accounting has the following benefits
  • It allows you to evaluate your company’s financial performance and take timely corrective actions if needed
  • Monthly accountants provide ongoing support, advice, and insight to your finances
  • With monthly accounting, you can rest easy knowing that periodic financial advice won’t cost you every time you reach out
  • They help you plan your tax liability all year round and ensure that you are following changing tax laws

We at Accountant’s Box provide expert advice and tailored services unique to your business with our ‘once a month’ accounting package.

We offer the following services therein:

  • Set Up Accounting Software & Training
  • Enter Your Accounting Transaction
  • Prepare Financial Reports
  • Review Reports With You Quarterly
  • Prepare Vat Returns Filing Calculation

This Month Focus Blog: Cloud Accounting Software

Want to know why your business should use cloud accounting software? find out about the benefits of the cloud and how it can transform your business

  1. Accessible from anywhere and everywhere: when data and applications are stored in the cloud, they are accessible via any internet-enabled device 24/7
  2. Safety of Data: cloud accounting applications use encrypted connections. By using encryption, information is less accessible by hackers or anyone not authorized to view your data
  3. Environment Friendly: moving to the cloud-based accounting system promotes paperless working which avoid unnecessary printing thus saving nature.
  4. Integrations are Easier: the cloud accounting applications are flexible and easily integrated with add-ons and software options
  5. Collaboration is Easy: with cloud accounting services your accountant and client can view & update data from anywhere
  6. Cost-effective cloud accounting is one of the most cost-effective and efficient ways to handle business finances

For more detailed information on the topic, visit our article – Click Here

This Month We Are Promoting: Sangani And Company

Sangani and company have more than 30 years of experience predominantly in the areas of statutory audits, internal audits.

Their Service Offering :

  • Auditing – The audit is performed for all the limited liability companies (LLC) formed in UAE and for free zone establishments/free zone companies set up under various free zones of the UAE.
  • Business consultancy – Preparation of project reports (financial projections and nonfinancial details) on behalf of a client seeking a new bank financing or looking for an increase in the existing bank finance.
  • Due diligence – Assist the acquiring company in understanding the target company’s legal, financial, operational, human resources, environmental, technological state of affairs prior to acquisition.
  • Liquidation of companies – Carry out company closure process by acting as official liquidator for companies in mainland uae, free zones and offshore zones.