Accountant’s Box Newsletter: Is ‘DIY Accounting Package’ suitable for you?

This Month Focus Service: DIY Accounting Package

Have you just started your new venture? Accounting is something that you should consider to start early. 

What does accounting do? 

  • It keeps your expenses tracked
  • It tracks your receivable 
  • It lets you know about your capital invested
  • It informs you about how cash is flowing in your business
  • It gives you analysis of your business performance

Starting early gives you good data to refer to. We are bringing herewith DIY (Do It Yourself) accounting package for you to help you in your accounting journey is best possible manner.

What do we offer here?

  • Suggesting accounting software which is best as per your industry
  • Update accounting software with chart of accounts and other necessary details
  • Make your accounting software up and running
  • Train you and your team how to navigate through software
  • 3 months of support where we answer any of your questions related to accounting

Remember: “A self-starter is someone who thinks and takes action ahead of his peers!”

Take action now. Start your DIY accounting pack today with us.

This Month Focus Blog: Outsourcing Payroll Process

Outsourcing payroll has many advantages. It can save time, money, and compliance headaches. This is why an increasing number of enterprises and small business owners are turning over their payroll function to professional providers who offer fully managed payroll services.

  • Time and cost saving

Processing payroll is a time-consuming process and requires attention to detail, and it increases as staff numbers grow. Time spent on payroll, handling considerable amounts of data and ensuring accuracy of calculation, is time taken away from the core business. Payroll outsourcing reflect the time a company can win back by outsourcing these duties. By outsourcing payroll processing to statutory filings to handling payroll enquiries, your organization could be much better off.

  • Improve data security

In-house payroll system is subject to a lot of risk, including identity theft and embezzlement. Even if you are confident that your payroll software is safe and secure, there is potential safety risk with the network and server. Quality outsourced payroll providers protect and store data on highly secure cloud-based servers and use encryption technology to ensure your critical information is safe. 

  • Benefits of latest technology 

Outsourcing service provides use advance cloud-based systems to ensures data integrity and audit-tracking of payroll processing. Keeping payroll information centralized through cloud servers enables anytime access for all users. 

The service providers also extensively use cross-functional collaborations with related systems such as integration of HR and payroll systems which can offer immense benefits over using separate systems, including time savings, increased efficiency, and reduced IT and administrative costs. The integration removes need for teams to manually transfer data before and after processing, making things faster and more secure. For example, updates made by HR such as promotions, redundancies, or terminations are automatically made available to payroll, saving time and reducing opportunity for errors.

The technology used by outsourced payroll solutions can also deliver important insights into your payroll and human resources management through advanced analytics tools. 

  • Professional approach

A good payroll provider offers capabilities that go beyond what your organization can achieve on its own. An outsourced solution would deliver peace of mind and free up your time, ultimately saving you money and reducing compliance risk.

For more detailed information on the topic, visit our article – Click Here

This Month We Are Promoting: Elista Consultancy Services

While employers now a-days face challenges in hiring the Right talent at the Right time for their company; once on-board, to keep them satisfied with their role is another challenge. This is exactly where Elista will be your right partner:

ECS is a Leading HR Consultancy Specialized in:

  • Executive Recruitment (All industry, all levels)- Cherry-pick the perfect talent for your organization
  • Employee Engagement Programs- Employee Fitness and Wellness
  • Hassle free Onboarding and Exit formalities(Designed specially for SM Es)- Policies, SOPs, Docu mentations

Our Key Highlights:

  • Subject Matter Experts with vast industry experience
  • Strong Digital presence with strong applicants’ database across all levels
  • Experienced team to manage Initial Screening, conduct preliminary round of interviews (83 percent fill ratio for every open position we partner for)
  • Competitive and affordable rates