Accountant’s Box Newsletter: Is ‘Daily Accounting Package’ suitable for you?

This Month Focus Service: Daily Accounting Package

In this technology age having a virtual and outsourced accounting department brings a lot of great value to a company. It can give you highly qualified team at a lower cost, it saves your office space and it may save lots of other overhead costs such as gratuity & leave salary. If you are a well established company then having an accounting department is mandatory for your business. This whole department can be outsourced. We can help you to do that. We provide you with Virtual well trained staff to do your accounting daily. We also provide other services aligned to it.

In ‘Daily Accounting Package’ we provide the following services:

  • Set up accounting software & training to client’s team (first time)
  • Provide a virtual full time trained staff to do update accounting transactions daily
  • Supervise work of virtual staff each week
  • Prepare financial reports monthly
  • Review reports with you monthly
  • Prepare vat returns filing calculation quarterly.
  • Answer any client query regarding accounting and tax

This Month Focus Blog: 05 Useful Tips for Effective Accounts Payable Management 

An efficient accounts payable process improves company’s cash position, credit rating, and relationships with its suppliers.

Here are some of the Tips for Effective Accounts Payable Management:

  1. Standardise and simplify your accounts payable process
  2. Start paying your bills early
  3. Invest in a good accounts payable software to automate your AP process
  4. Cultivate a healthy relationship with your vendors
  5. Centralize your invoice payments

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4C, is an offsite marketing communication agency that supports SMEs, single owners and start-ups with their marketing function. 4C is strongly founded on the principle of Collaboration. We believe we are accountable for our Clients growth. As they grow, we grow too.

4C has recently launched a webapp that helps smaller businesses to sell their products online. Now taking your business online or building your e-store has become affordable and fast. Here one doesn’t have to pay high commissions, spend on expensive software and hardware nor waste valuable time and asset. A widget that turns your website, social media handles into an ecommerce platform.

4c’s New Tech Offering

Key Benefits: –

  • Subscription based
  • 0%commission policy
  • Cost effective
  • User friendly