Dear Readers,

This is a very interesting Podcast on Personal Finance Management. The Podcast is covered by Nikhil Stephen from ‘In Curious Company’ and topic expert is Gagan Lalwani from ‘Accountant’s Box’. Nikhil covers an interesting topic every month on important topics on Life in General, through this he tried to cover important subject of MONEY with his listeners. 


Some of the important questions he covered in this Podcasts are:

  1. What is your back ground in finance and the journey with it?
  2. What is experience while become a CA?
  3. Should someone keep a credit card or no?
  4. How to be mindful about spending with credit card?
  5. Is there any specific financial peak one should try and achieve while earning money?
  6. What advice would you give to your younger self if you could change anything?
  7. What kind of investments to look for?
  8. What are the steps one could take towards financial freedom?



Accountant’s Box