Cloud computing and usage of cloud software have been around for a while now. We have been using cloud systems in some or the other manner. Emails are one of the prominent ones amongst them. Accounting also like many other office functions have moved to cloud and it is getting better each day. Let us point down few obvious and few not so obvious benefits of doing cloud based accounting.

1.   Accessible from anywhere and everywhere

  • The best and foremost advance is that accounting can be done and reviewed from anywhere. If as an early entrepreneur you manage your own invoicing then this way of accounting system really help. You can generate invoices on the go from your phone.
  • As boss of your business you like to review how your business is performing then you do not need to ask your accountant to send you reports each time. You can view it by yourself from anywhere.

2.   Safety of Data

  • Well there is too many things said about safety of your data. But when it comes to cloud accounting services it could be safe and unsafe depending on each user. The software itself like Zoho, Quickbooks, Xero, Wave, Sage etc are safe. Keeping customer data safe is their very big priority and they have well managed systems to do so.
  • Try to keep your bills, expenses, statements in renowned storage systems like google drive, one drive, dropbox etc. They have paid version for all of them which has good safety features.

3.   Environment friendly

Wondering how is this possible ? Cloud accounting services allows you or rather pushes you to go paperless so you can avoid unnecessary printing thus saving nature.

4.   Integrations are easier

With growing size of business you many need more apps and software for your business. Now the data flow from one system to other ideally should be seamless. Till how much extend this is possible depends on your choices made for software. A good accounting software can be integrated with tons of other software to give seamless results. Also the integration part of it could be done by someone who is an expert but not physically present in your city because you are using cloud based systems.

5.   Collaboration is easy

Video calls and e-meeting are normal these days. More so when there is work from home situation. With cloud accounting services your accountant and client can update data from anywhere. Team can work, access, review and collaborate with ease considering everyone has needed data with them everywhere.

6.   Cost effective

  • Cloud bases software are generally available on monthly subscription and hence reduce initial heavy investments in systems and saves time.
  • If cloud accounting services is environment friendly then it will save your resources thus saving your money.
  • If its possible for your team to work from their own locations then it saves various expenses like office rent, electricity, travel expenses etc.
  • An expert who could do integration online could be possibly available cheaper rate then a local expert.

At Accountant’s Box we certainly believe that cloud accounting services computing, software and technology has helped us grow our business even while we have kept our business model lean. We are tech friendly company provides Outsource Accounting Services Dubai and abide by all the benefits mentioned above. If you would like to know more about what we do and how we could help you please get in touch with us at and visit us at Accountant’s Box